The Moree Gallery 2019

My love for the colours in the landscape grows a little more everyday. This current drought has had a positive flip side which was to show me the many contrasts and colour combinations that I wasn’t so aware of before.

Also, the yearning for rain and constant looking up at the horizon has given me a new palette and a new appreciation and awareness.

That magical feeling in the air before it rains, the chance of rain, the build, the shift in pressure.

Or the warmth of the mid morning on a summers day. The cry of a bird on the wind. The sound of a windmill turning. The connection to the moment before me … trying to capture the feeling and emulate the moment and portray its effect on me … and subsequently … you.

This exhibition is a combination of these moments, whether the landscape is far reaching and distant or a quiet little moment in time.


Blurb about number of artworks in exhibition, style, subject etc. Could you please email this to me?




The Moree Gallery


Max Center, Heber Street, Moree NSW 2400