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Country life and my ‘sometimes’ office


The view from my beautiful home studio is an endless changing seasonal palette of unfolding country life. Moody skies and driving rain, coupled with the sheep and cattle that graze the winter pastures. So much inspiration for my work is provided right outside my windows.

I am super lucky to absorb these never ending, daily views and from time to time throughout the year, depending on what stock work is required, make this surround my office.

My ‘sometimes’ office



I am very grateful for the chances I receive to create commissions. Both of these were for folk, 2 hours away from my studio in Scone but in different directions. I loved the opportunities to immerse myself into the high, gently rolling hill country plus the farming flats further north intermingled with its patch work of crops.

Recent commission ‘the rolling hills high country’
Recent commission ‘the rolling hills high country’
Recent commission ‘the farming flats in the north’

Limited Edition Prints

My limited edition prints just wouldn’t be the ‘stunning’ limited edition prints that they are without the very talented team from ‘Pixel Perfect Prolab’ in Sydney. I appreciate their attention to quality and detail more than words here could ever express! And their efficiency in production of the high end limited edition prints they create for me is next level. It takes a village, and I certainly couldn’t do what I do without the support of ‘Pixel Perfect Prolab’. Here’s a little sneak peak BTS for you.

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Look at What’s New

I am excited to share that available in my shop NOW are my new beautiful signature candles! These gorgeous candles hold 400 gms and come in two colours (Cheetah and Leopard) with a choice of seven fragrances.

Candle Fragrance – Luxe, Snowflake and cashmere, Sea Salt and driftwood, Gentlemen, White Gardenia, Delicate Rose, Japanese Honeysuckle. Stunning … even if I do say so myself! SHOP CANDLES NOW!

Cheetah signature candle
Leopard signature candle


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