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Sarah divides her time between life on the land, family life and time spent in her studio. A magical mix that enables and emboldens her creativity. She is constantly presented with an endlessly changing seasonal palette that reflects in her work in oils and acrylic, as she interprets the land and feeling around her in its many and varied forms and weather patterns.

She creates a ‘Feel’ of the landscape by immersing herself into the deep blues of an oncoming storm across a huge expanse of country, to a gentle scene of sheep and cattle quietly grazing without even a breath of wind to disturb them.

Her other favourite medium is the humble graphite pencil. Her obsession with detail, form and the entire tonal range results in an image of 'hyper‘ realism. Many of these intricate drawings are substantial in size… the expense of many A4 pencils!

”It’s best not to count the hours, just enjoy the process.”